The Thunderbear 1-Point Tactical Sling was designed for Military & Police duty use.
The men and women at Thunderbear Tactical have over 100 years of Police and Military service. We don’t just design and make it; we use it.


Features and Benefits:
• Instantly available for use with either left or right shoulder for quick side-to-side transitions.
• Attaches with no modifications to the weapon.
• Fully adjustable for all users.
• Quick–release from weapon and harness.
• Allows for one-handed operation.
• Keeps weapon out of the way for transition to handgun.
• Can be used by right or left handed shooters.
• When extended, the sling provides 5 feet of webbing for emergency use.
• Supplied with attachments for collapsible AR and standard AR or shotgun.
• Custom attachments to fit any weapon are available upon request.
• Made in the USA with 100% US mil-spec components.


What makes us different, in addition to the listed features and benefits, is that all our 1- point tactical slings are constructed of the finest US-made, mil-spec webbing. All thread used is mil-spec and stitching is Box / X double-stitched top and bottom for added strength and support. We utilize only the best US-made, mil-spec, DERLIN injection molded hardware for silent reliable operation. Entire product and all its components including webbing, hardware and thread are mil-spec and made in the USA.






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