If you have ever wanted to have an old gun looking new again, if you have started to notice holster wear, scratches and dings. Our New Ceramic and Teflon Finishes are extremely durable and come in a wide variety of colors.

We are now offering Teflon & Ceramic Refinishing, Custom built Rifles, Custom Built AR-15 Type Rifles, and Custom Built 1911 Pistols. Refer to Order page and Call for price quotes and technical questions.




Thunderbear Custom Caspian 1911, hand fit and built by our team of Gunsmiths.


Another Thunderbear Custom Caspian 1911


A Custom Ceramic Coated AR-30


23" Heavy Fluted Wilson Air Gauged Barrel 1 in 8 Twist AR-15 With built in Muzzle Break

An original Glock Side compared to our Bevel Package Slide.

A old Glock Slide (Top) that we beveled, and coated in a graphite black ceramic finish. Compared to a normal factory slide (Bottom). Call for pricing.

Springfield Armoury Loaded 1911, Refinished with Desert Tan Ceramic

Ceramic Refinish on a Mil-Spec 1911.


     Teflon Refinish in Desert tan on Mil-Spec 1911.


Glock 19 Custom Ceramic Slide Refinish

Glock 27 Custom Ceramic Slide Refinish


Old Colt 1911 80 Series - Refit and Refinished for a Customer.


Custom Caspian 1911 Built by our Gunsmith, Teflon Frame on this one.


           Custom Essex 1911 built by our Gunsmith, Ceramic Slide on this one.


CZ 550 25inch heavy Barrel, H&S Kevlar Stock, with Harris Bi-Pod, Zeis 4.4X14 44mm Mil-Dot Scope, Leupold Bases.


Our New Desert Tan & OD Green Ceramic Coating on AR-15's.

This is the Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf upper on a Sun Devil Machined Lower, with a Magpul buttstock, Yankee Hill Machine Co. Mid-Length Free Float Handguards.



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